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Should I get anti-wrinkle injections? Here's how you know if you're ready

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Anti-wrinkle injections are the UK’s most popular non-surgical procedure, accounting for 39 per cent of all treatments nationwide. It’s simple, affordable and produces incredible results, making it appealing to men and women of an increasingly young age.

People as young as twenty-something are being advised by aesthetic experts to consider anti-wrinkle injections, often to prevent overexpression which can lead to early formation of deep lines. If age is no longer the defining factor in the question of should I get anti-wrinkle injections, what should you consider when deciding whether this treatment is for you?


Who should not get anti-wrinkle injections

For most people, anti-wrinkle injections are a painless and effective way to manage lines and wrinkles. It is safe and suitable for the majority of the population, although a small minority may experience allergic reactions which would mean they cannot proceed. We also ask clients to disclose any existing health conditions, as well as any medication they may be taking, so that we can ensure there are no contra-indications.

All being well on the medical side of things, the question of ‘should I get anti-wrinkle injections’ will depend on your own personal goals, skin condition and expectations. Think twice about getting anti-wrinkle injections if:

  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding: There is limited evidence that anti-wrinkle injections could affect your nursing baby or foetus, but you shouldn’t take chances. Usually anti-wrinkle injections stays local to the area in which it is injected, but we do urge caution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • If you have a muscular disorder: If you suffer with a neuromuscular disorder, the use of anti-wrinkle injections is usually discouraged. However, in some situations it can actually be useful, for example in those living with Bell’s Palsy, as anti-wrinkle injections can help even up the appearance of the face

  • You’re over 65: anti-wrinkle injections is only licensed to the age of 65 and people over this age will find better results occur using fillers and laser treatments. We do treat each client on a case by case basis, so you’re not unable to have anti-wrinkle injections aged over 65, but we may recommend another treatment

  • You work with vulnerable people: If you work with children, as an adult therapist or in any other role where facial expression and empathy are crucial, you may want to think again about this treatment. anti-wrinkle injections could prevent you from connecting properly with your charges as your facial movement could be reduced

  • You have unrealistic expectations: Make sure you know what to expect from anti-wrinkle injections treatment, so that your expectations can be managed. Anti-wrinkle injections are great for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, particularly on the upper part of the face, but it won’t treat sagging necks or cheeks and isn’t a permanent fix.

If you feel, after reading this, that you are still interested in having anti-wrinkle injections, you could be a good candidate to achieve amazing results.


Signs that you’re ready for anti-wrinkle injections

Do you suffer from...

  • Deep wrinkles when you make facial expressions: Sometimes wrinkles only appear when we pull certain faces. Known as dynamic rhytids, these wrinkles can be significantly reduced by anti-wrinkle injections and can prevent them from becoming permanent fixtures on your face

  • Asymmetrical facial features: If you have one eyebrow higher than the other, a crooked smile or other asymmetrical features, having anti-wrinkle injections on one side can serve to temporarily add symmetry to your face

  • Gummy smiles: If your top lip pulls back further than you’d like when you smile, revealing lots of gum, anti-wrinkle injections can have amazing results. Treating the area between the nose and lip can lower your lip so that less gum is on show when you smile

  • A large masseter muscle: Over the years, the muscle used in chewing can become pronounced, giving the client a hard jawline. Anti-wrinkle injections can soften this muscle, reducing the appearance of a square jaw and making the face more rounded

  • Excessive sweating: Most people come to us for anti-wrinkle injections for the purposes of looking younger. However, anti-wrinkle injections is incredibly effective in reducing sweating under the arms, on the feet and in the face

Some anti-wrinkle injections treatments are undertaken via doctors' referrals for conditions ranging from migraines to weak bladders. If your doctor thinks anti-wrinkle injections could help you with a medical problem, you should seriously consider this simple, effective treatment.


Feeling positive? Here’s what to do next

If you’ve been thinking ‘should I have anti-wrinkle injections’ and are now feeling more positive about your decision, get in touch with us at True face Aesthetics for advice and to book a consultation. Our practitioners are experts in their field, with years of experience to help you get the look you need. We’re adept at creating a youthful appearance without the unpleasant ‘frozen’ appearance of poorly administered treatments.

You only need to see us once for your anti-wrinkle injections treatment, and appointments can be as short as 20 minutes. You’ll see results within two weeks, and they’ll last for around three to four months following the procedure. For more information on anti-wrinkle injections or any of our other treatments, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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