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How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the safest and most effective anti-wrinkle treatments available. As well as treating wrinkles and fine lines, anti-wrinkle injections have been seen to be effective at treating migraines, excessive sweating and more.

Because of the simple procedure and lack of downtime, anti-wrinkle injections have become the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment requested today. For wrinkle reduction, the injections can be administered anywhere in the face including the lips, forehead and around the eyes.

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked about this treatment is 'how long do anti-wrinkle injections last?'. We’re going to investigate this question here and provide answers in relation to all the different ways in which this procedure is used.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last the first time?

The first time you have anti-wrinkle injections, you can expect the results to last for between three and six months. Results vary depending on how well you look after your skin, as well as your skin type and the severity of the wrinkles you’ve had treated.

Using anti-wrinkle injections regularly can increase the amount of time that the effects last for. Because it freezes the muscles, over time these muscles will become shorter and smaller. This can often mean that, if you have your treatment repeated regularly, you start to need fewer treatments with greater time spans between them.

When you’re thinking about how long anti-wrinkle injections last, it’s important to consider how many times you’ve been treated, as well as other influencing factors. Younger people with less depth to their wrinkles will usually have longer lasting results than those with deeper wrinkles and less elastic skin.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last in the lips?

Anti-wrinkle injections for the lips can minimise creases in both the upper and lower lip areas, as well as elevating the corners of your mouth. Anti-wrinkle injections can also help lips appear plumper, can correct a gummy smile and can get rid of the lines that run downward from the corners of your mouth. But how long do anti-wrinkle injections last when used on the lips?

Typically, anti-wrinkle injections in the lips will maintain results for a slightly shorter time than in other areas of the face. This is usually because practitioners will be fairly conservative with the amount that is injected at any one time. The mouth is a very dynamic area of the face, and the last thing you want is a frozen expression.

As a general rule, anti-wrinkle injections in the lips will last from three to four months, although results will vary depending on your personal circumstances.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last in the forehead?

Anti-wrinkle injections can work wonders on the lines we all acquire in the forehead area. Because this area is less dynamic than the mouth, practitioners can be more confident and less conservative with your treatment. As a result, forehead anti-wrinkle injections should last from three to six months at least, potentially longer with repeated treatments.

We’ve seen great results from the use of anti-wrinkle injections for the forehead. It’s excellent at treating frown lines on the forehead, deep grooves that appear when you raise your eyebrows and can even be used to treat light scarring.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last for migraines?

Tests have proven anti-wrinkle injections to be successful at treating those suffering with chronic migraines. Usually pain relief will be attempted first, but if this does not respond then the person can try anti-wrinkle injections. When thinking about how long anti-wrinkle injections last when used for migraines, it’s not quite so easy to measure.

Most doctors will recommend an anti-wrinkle injections treatment around once every three months. Some patients don’t see any results for 10 to 14 days or more, and some not until the second session. Usually the treatments are attempted for at least a year to see if positive outcomes are possible, and if they are, then treatments can continue for as long as they prove effective.

How to make anti-wrinkle injections last longer

There are certain things you can do which will extend the longevity of your anti-wrinkle injections. If you’re asking us how long do anti-wrinkle injections last but really want to know how to make it last longer, here’s what you should consider doing:

  • Stop smoking: Smoking is known to age the skin, which can increase wrinkles and increase the chances of them coming back after anti-wrinkle injections. Stop if you can, or cut down

  • Hydrate your body: Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help keep your skin healthy. Well hydrated bodies have good circulation and cell function

  • Eat well: A healthy diet can help keep your skin healthy too. Foods like fatty fish, nuts and seeds can all increase how long your anti-wrinkle injections last

  • Cleanse and moisturise: Gentle cleansers will help keep dead cells away, and a rich moisturising cream will help keep your skin plump and wrinkle free

The first few days after your anti-wrinkle injections treatment an be crucial to ensuring a successful, long lasting result, so be sure to follow your aftercare instructions thoroughly.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections take to work?

Anti-wrinkle injections work by weakening the muscles, so it takes a little time before you’ll see any noticeable results. Some clients begin to see effects after 72 hours, but for others it will be up to a full seven days before the results are really visible.

The first anti-wrinkle injections treatment can sometimes only achieve a partial response. This is perfectly normal and is why we ask you to come back following your treatment for a check-up. Usually full relaxation is achieved after a second treatment.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections side effects last?

As well as wondering how long do anti-wrinkle injections last, many of our clients want to know about side effects; what they are and how long they last. Anti-wrinkle injections, in general, are a very safe treatment with few potential side effects. However, there are a few which can be experienced, such as:

  • Bleeding: Slight bleeding at the site of the injection is common but is dealt with during treatment and resolved before you leave

  • Bruising: A good practitioner will do everything they can to avoid bruising during the injection, but for some sensitive clients, it’s unavoidable. Just like any other bruise, it will go away within a few days

  • Flu like symptoms: Feeling like you’ve got a cold or flu doesn’t happen to many people, but it does to some. These issues usually go away within a few days

  • Dry eyes: If you’ve had anti-wrinkle injections around your eyes, you may feel your eyes are dry or have slightly blurry vision the day you have your treatment. This is a very temporary side effect, and usually clears up within 24 hours

More serious side effects caused by an allergic reaction to the injections are usually ruled out through allergy tests before your treatment. Do not have an anti-wrinkle injections treatment if you have not been tested for an allergy.

So, if you’ve been wondering how long does anti-wrinkle injections last, now you know the answers. If you have any further questions about anti-wrinkle injectionsor about any of our other treatments, please do get in touch and we’ll be pleased to give you advice.

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