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Our qualified prescriber nurse practitioners offer several medically assisted weight loss solutions. Our treatments can suppress your appetite, dissolve away unwanted fat from difficult areas or provide an all-round detox to get your gut microbiome working for you. For more information, scroll down.


weight loss

Fat dissolving


Fat burning

IV detox & shots

Lose up to 14lbs in just three weeks

Here at True face Aesthetics, we know that hunger can present a problem for slimmers. Our medically assisted weight loss solution removes hunger from the equation. This allows you to focus on what's important - living your life without having to worry about your diet.


Our clients experience excellent results, fast! When accompanied with a healthy, reduced calorie diet, our clients report losses of av. 13 lbs within just three weeks. It's tried, tested and safe. 

 Following your initial consultation with our qualified, medical consultants, you'll be provided with a prescription-only medical appetite suppressant for a short-term treatment. It's easy and painless to administer. Your appetite will be temporarily reduced, meaning that you can reduce your portion sizes without feeling hungry or miserable!


Fat dissolving injections

Get rid of unwanted fat, fast

Our fat dissolving injections offer a solution to unwanted hard-to-shift areas of excess fat. Our pioneering treatment involves the introduction of a sodium deoxycholate solution directly into problem areas. Fat cells are removed permanently, processed by the kidneys and excreted via the body's excretory system.

 Treatments from £400


Fat burning IV detox

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Kick-start your gut microbiome

Our fat burning drip combines a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help you achieve fat burning and detoxification. Our fat burning IV detox contains vitamins C, B5 and B complex, magnesium sulphate,  calcium, gluconate, selenium, zinc, carnitine, choline, glutamine, lysine, methionine and separate B12 and gluathione push.

Glutathione has recently been hailed as the 'master of antioxidants' with reports suggesting that it can help prevent dementia, heart disease and can even slow the ageing process.

Our Intravita gluathione nutrition treatment will top up your body's antioxidants to support your gut microbiome. Research indicates that a healthy gut microbiome assists and even speeds up your body's natural ability to burn off fat.

For more information about our IV nutrition therapy with gluathione, visit our treatment page here and our blog here.


About True face Aesthetics

"We're Richard and David Sharp, medical professionals with fifteen years' collective experience within the NHS and private medical sectors.​ We launched our medical aesthetic practise, Trueface Aesthetics (formerly Sharps Medical) as a response to the worrying popularity of cosmetic aesthetic treatments in an non-medical environment that lacked medical excellence, skills and ethics.

Our Sheffield-based clinics provide a centre of excellence for facial aesthetic treatments.​ True face Aesthetics clients receive a comprehensive service, from an extensive consultation, through prescription and treatment to lasting after-care.

Our clients enjoy a holistic, bespoke service in a professional, clinical and

friendly environment."

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