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A natural, rejuvenating treatment 

PRP or platelet rich plasma is the clear part of blood. Platelet rich plasma is rich in healing and tissue repair properties.


PRP treatment, also commonly known as the 'Vampire facial' or the 'Dracula facial' allows our practitioners to apply a concentrated and activated part of the blood to the skin.


PRP treatment became highly popular in recent years with a prominent celebrity following including Kim Kardashian.

Frequently asked questions

How does PRP treatment work?

A small sample of blood is taken and processed by a centrifuge appliance that separates red blood cells from the PRP. Our practitioners use a micro needling device (involving a tiny, painless needle) to administer the PRP solution.

The concentrated healing power of PRP allows for the microvasculature to be regenerated and strengthened, encouraging an increased blood and nutrient supply. 

Are there any side effects?

PRP treatment is one of the most natural procedures which we perform.

There is no possibility of an adverse reaction from PRP treatment because the active solution is harvested from your own blood - nothing artificial is added.

Where can PRP treatment be most effective?

PRP treatment can be targeted almost anywhere with a need for skin rejuvenation.

It's commonly used in the face, backs of the hands, tops of arms, the neck and décolletage. PRP treatment also has fantastic scar healing potential.

Before and after PRP treatment

Before PRP treatment you'll need to be well hydrated - this allows for better blood sampling and prepares your skin for the treatment. You'll need to avoid steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (such as Ibuprofen) and alcohol for at least 24 hours before your treatment. You will be provided with some anaesthetic cream to apply before the treatment to help to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

The treatment will leave you with a healthy glow (a little bit like you've caught the sun) that fades over 24 hours. We advise that you apply a premium SPF 30+ sun cream after treatment.


Ask your True Face practitioner about our own range of post-treatment creams.

How will my skin look in the coming weeks?

Over the first 3-5 days, clients experience a very mild exfoliation of the skin. We advise a moisturiser and plenty of water to assist this process.

Your skin will then start to glow, feel smooth and look fresh and replenished.

In the coming weeks and after subsequent treatments (we advise a minimum of three, monthly treatments) you will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Skin tone and texture will appear to even out. The skin will feel firm and elastic. Dark circles and concave areas under the eyes will soften.

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PRP vampire facial

Vampire Facial In Sheffield | Essentials

Treatment time

45 - 90 minutes

Treatments required

A minimum of 3 - 6

Visible results in

3 weeks

Results last for

12 - 24 months (depending on treatments)

Post treatment review

Not required

Product selection

Your own PRP

After-care creams

Comfort of treatment


About True face Aesthetics

"We're Richard and David Sharp, medical professionals with fifteen years' collective experience within the NHS and private medical sectors.​ We launched our medical aesthetic practise, Trueface Aesthetics (formerly Sharps Medical) as a response to the worrying popularity of cosmetic aesthetic treatments in an non-medical environment that lacked medical excellence, skills and ethics.

Our Sheffield-based clinics provide a centre of excellence for facial aesthetic treatments.​ True face Aesthetics clients receive a comprehensive service, from an extensive consultation, through prescription and treatment to lasting after-care.

Our clients enjoy a holistic, bespoke service in a professional, clinical and

friendly environment."

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