Line Softening Injections

1 Area


2 Area


3 Area




Lower face

Price on consultation

Dermal fillers



Tear trough


Non surgical rhinoplasty


Cheek, jaw line or chin augmentation


Deeper lines to lower face nasal folds and marionette lines


Fine lines and wrinkles


Upper and lower lip augmentation



Individual treatment


Course of four treatments


The perfect peel™

Single treatment


+ booster


Facial peels with Enerpeel®













Skin needling

Single treatment


Course of three treatments


PRP 'vampire' therapy with skin needling

Single treatment


Course of three treatments




PDO threads non-surgical facelift

Jaw line tightening with mono threads


MONO thread eye treatments (crow feet or tear trough)


Neck COG lift with mono thread rejuvenation


Jaw line tightening


Mid face COG Lift


Upper midface or lower face COG lift with mono thread rejuvenation


Full face COG lift with mono thread rejuvenation


Spring Threads

Starting from £1,450

Spring Threads (Neck)

Starting from £950

Bio nutra lift

Course of two treatments (two months apart)



One session


Course of three sessions


IV nutrition therapy

Skin lighting


Mood booster




Fat burner/detox


Performance booster




Age defence


Hair regrowth


Immuno booster




Wellness protocol A or B


IV shots





Fat burner


Fire & ice facial

Single Treatment


Synergy medi facial

Synergy medi facial


Plasma IQ

Eye area (upper/lower eyelids and crow’s feet)


Upper lip


Acne skin care treatment package


We take enormous pride in providing the best in skin care. We treat several clients who suffer with chronic acne-prone skin which results in blemishes and a uneven skin tone.


With our acne skin care treatment package, clients will receive two home care 'triple action treatment kits' (this will last one year) by prestigious medical skincare brand TEBISKIN; formulated to treat acne prone skin.


This package also includes four salicyclic peels. Salicyclic peels are proven to be the best treatment for mild to moderate acne and are able to control the production of excessive oil in the skin.


Your package will also include six sessions of skin needling. Skin needing will help to reduce the scars caused by acne and increase collagen production and skin turnover. It will brighten and refresh skin tone.


To increase the productivity of each peel and skin needing session the package also includes twelve 30 minute sessions with the Deesse LED mask. The LED mask will target acne causing bacteria using a specific waver length of blue light.


Initial and on-going consultations are free to help you to maximise the effectiveness of this tailored package. 

2 triple action treatment range - £245

4 salicyclic peels - £380

6 skin needling session - £900

10 (+2 free) Dèesse LED mask facial - £250


Total package value £1775


Package includes Dèesse LED mask facial sessions for free, saving you £250


The True face Aesthetics acne skin care package is now only £1525


Deposit £275 and 12 monthly GoCardless payments of £105 per month 

Dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injectable package


As we grow older, loss in facial volume and the increase in facial lines becomes more noticeable.


At True face Aesthetics we understand and have the expertise to restore volume without the client feeling overworked. We provide a natural refreshed look.


The True face Aesthetics injectable package offers anti-wrinkle injections for three areas four times a year, 2 ml of dermal filler for lip augmentation to be used at patient discretion (True face practitioners would advise leaving a six month gap between treatments) and 2 ml of dermal filler to restore volume in your cheeks.


The 4 ml of dermal filler can be used in multiple areas of your face to achieve your desired outcome. To help with skin smoothness, laxity and fine lines and wrinkles this package includes 3 skin needling sessions which need to be at least one month apart. 

Three areas of Anti wrinkle injections, four times a year - £800

2ml of dermal filler for lip augmentation - £380

2ml of dermal filler for facial augmentation - £480

Three sessions of skin needling - £450


Total package value £2110


In this package you receive 10 session of the deesse LED mask for free, saving you £250

You receive one bonus skin needling session worth £150


That £400 worth of treatments for free!

The True face Aesthetics dermal filler and anti-wrinkle package is now only £2118


Deposit £390 Then 12 monthly GoCardless payments of £144 per month.