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Spring Threads

The Soft Alternative To The Facelift

Spring Thread® is the innovative procedure that restores youthful facial definition and skin firmness by lifting and repositioning sagging skin and stimulating fibrosis which is the thickening of connective tissue.


Its unique flexible thread technology allows for natural looking and truly long-lasting results.

There are 3 main advantages over other cosmetic threads:

Natural Results

Spring Thread has similar elasticity to skin meaning it allows for normal and natural facial movements and expressions.

Longer Lasting

It is permanent meaning the results are extremely long lasting (typically 3 years or more) - other threads disintegrate, losing strength and effect quickly.

Better Performance

ST has rounded cogs pointing in 4 directions. This means more effective tissue anchoring which leads to vertically lifted, tighter tissue with improvement in skin quality providing a more youthful appearance.

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What are Spring Threads?

Spring Thread® is made from medical grade polyester and silicone which are perfectly biocompatible materials that have been used in implants for over 50 years. It is strong, stable and inert.

How do they work?

Spring Thread® is a perfectly biocompatible composite implant consisting of a silicone matrix that provides elasticity and flexibility, and a polyester helix core which provides resistance and control of the elasticity. It has similar elasticity to skin meaning it allows for normal and natural facial movements and expression.

The silicone is moulded into cogs which point in four directions and very closely situated: 24 per CM. This allows for the thread to be precisely positioned for more effective tissue anchoring and no-trauma.

Quickly and easily implanted in the subcutaneous fat, Spring Thread repositions tissue and accelerates long-term fibrosis.


Spring Threads are highly effective and a popular anti-aging treatment. Our clients love that there is minimal downtime and that the results are long lasting. The majority of people are suitable for a thread lift, but if you’re in any doubt or have any concerns, your best course of action is to book a free consultation.

We will be pleased to tell you more about spring threads and the details of the procedure at a one to one consultation with you. Our consultant will answer any questions you might have about the treatment, as well as checking your suitability. Why not book a consultation now, and start your journey to a more youthful appearance?

Frequently asked questions

What do Spring Threads treat?

The areas that can be treated are:

Face: cheeks, cheekbones, jowls, face oval, eyebrows, neck.

Body: breasts, arms, buttocks, legs.

Are Spring Threads suitable for me?

Patient selection and consultation is key in this procedure. Your expectations and our practitioner's assessment will form the basis of the treatment.

People who benefit the best from thread lifts are usually aged between 35 - 60.

How long do Spring Threads take?

Depending on the areas being treated the procedure can take between 45 - 90 minutes.

Does a Spring Threads hurt?

The procedure is generally performed under local anaesthesia so the procedure is painless.

What are the potential complications?

As with most aesthetic procedures there is a risk of bruising, swelling and localised redness.


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What are Spring Threads?
How does a thread lift work?
Frequently asked questions
Before / After
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Spring Threads In Sheffield | Essentials

Treatment time

45 - 120 minutes

Treatments required


Results last for

3 years or more

Post treatment review

After 1 and 3 months

Visible results in


Comfort of treatment

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Spring Threads


About True face Aesthetics

"We're Richard and David Sharp, medical professionals with fifteen years' collective experience within the NHS and private medical sectors.​ We launched our medical aesthetic practise, Trueface Aesthetics (formerly Sharps Medical) as a response to the worrying popularity of cosmetic aesthetic treatments in an non-medical environment that lacked medical excellence, skills and ethics.

Our Sheffield-based clinics provide a centre of excellence for facial aesthetic treatments.​ True face Aesthetics clients receive a comprehensive service, from an extensive consultation, through prescription and treatment to lasting after-care.

Our clients enjoy a holistic, bespoke service in a professional, clinical and

friendly environment."

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