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For refreshed, bright, soft skin

Forget scary scenes like Samantha from Sex and the City and her red face after a facial peel.


Our facial peels with Enerpeel work gently from the inside out. Enerpeel's unique formulation is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, reducing recovery time.


Enerpeel is far less abrasive than its rivals. It contains gentle organic compounds and acids. The peel continues to work within the skin when you leave the clinic.  

As mentioned, we use Enerpeel; the UK's leading brand. There are is a 

range of Enerpeel products that we offer - each addressing a variety of

different skin complaints:


Mandelic acid 40% | This type of peel is especially good for those who suffer with Rosacea. It's antibacterial and stimulates vascular turn over and regeneration. Also known as the 'Summer peel' due to its refreshing qualities, it provides a glowing appearance and leaves minimal exfoliation.


Pyruvic acid 50% | This peel treats a wide range of indications from fine lines and wrinkles to sun damage and areas of hyper-pigmentation. It’s also a great alternative for people with sensitivity to salicylic acid.


Salicylic acid 30% | This is seen as the best treatment for mild to moderate comedonic acne. It’s able to control the production of oils and is best to be used in the inflammatory stages of acne.


Jester peel | This peel contains salicylic 15%, Lactic 20% and Resorcinol 14%. The combination of these three acids is suitable for people with hyper-pigmentation, moderate keratosis, severe photo or sun related ageing.


TCA 25% | (trichloroacetic acid) This is the strongest peel in the Enerpeel range. It provides more exfoliation and can be a little uncomfortable when being applied. It combats severe hyper-pigmentation, post acne scaring and severe photo ageing


Eye and Lip | (lactic 15%  Trichloroacetic acid 3.75%) This unique peel is designed to be used very close to the eye and on the border of the lips. This peel comes with a special applicator to enable very precise delivery. The peel is great at helping to enhance the vermillion border and works very well to improve fine lines and wrinkles under and above the eyelids.

Frequently asked questions

What conditions do facial peels treat?

Our Enerpeel facial peels rejuvenate the skin and have fantastic results with structure remodelling, reducing the effects of photo ageing.

Enerpeel facial peels also provide an effective treatment for many skin conditions including rosacea, acne scaring and active acne, fine lines, skin laxity, stretch marks, malasma, hyper-pigmentation and scars.

How many treatments are required?

A full consultation will enable your practitioner to provide an indication but usually a course of recurring treatments is recommended to achieve the best results.

From £85

Facial peels

Facial Peels Sheffield | Essentials

Treatment time

15 - 30 minutes

Treatments required

1 - 6

Visible results in

1 - 3 weeks

Results last for

12 - 18 months

Post treatment review

Not required

Product selection

The Enerpeel range

See full description above

Comfort of treatment

Mild - moderate

About True face Aesthetics

"We're Richard and David Sharp, medical professionals with fifteen years' collective experience within the NHS and private medical sectors.​ We launched our medical aesthetic practise, Trueface Aesthetics (formerly Sharps Medical) as a response to the worrying popularity of cosmetic aesthetic treatments in an non-medical environment that lacked medical excellence, skills and ethics.

Our Sheffield-based clinics provide a centre of excellence for facial aesthetic treatments.​ True face Aesthetics clients receive a comprehensive service, from an extensive consultation, through prescription and treatment to lasting after-care.

Our clients enjoy a holistic, bespoke service in a professional, clinical and

friendly environment."

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